Fifty Cent Praises

Promises. Promises.

Truth be known. Truth not being told. All around.
Lies and spies and Jericho ties. Life is a game.
You play poker to win it. To be in it. Your sickness
is your addiction. Your attrition.

I have to take care of my own. Zone out on clicking
tasks that mask the virtue of a life lived taking care
of my family and taking care of my vast past
that isn’t over.

The last laugh laughs last, past cubicle rows that sow
the integrity of speaking the truth. Of not holding
a grudge. Of letting go of fifty cent raises that
glazes the praises of one man rubbing the other the wrong

I deserve my fifty cent raise. Fifty cent ways.
Slaves that click the time, tick off annuities not multiplying.
Sliding down the pockets of larger charges. Larger Mustangs.
Larger stains. Debts to be paid.

Put your poker face on pal. Roll the dice. Are you telling
the truth? And if not, how can you live with yourself?
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Carpe Borgum

Active participant. Instant. Involved. Daily process. Workout. Exercise. Body and mind and soul. Pump oxygen. Clean out system. Dirt. Debris. Push filth through molded drainage ditch filled with all of your impropriety’s. All of your sins and all of your polluted energies.

I’m skipping rope now. Skipping hope now. I will not wait for miracles to happen but stand on the sholdiers of legends and throw stones through stone mansion walls. Knock holes into gold pedestals of idols booted and scooted out of our American dreams.

Seizing the day. Seizing my life by making choices that will demonstrate, teach, tutor honesty, integrity, and lust for a better life. Lust for role models who model on the cat walk of the everyday life.

I remember sitting in the isle at Star Wars. I was a little child. I watched as the story scrolled by in large white text applied to a star filled sky. I remember watching E.T. as he nearly died and I cried. This was my heroic suburban epic told to me by Hollywood. Spoon fed and fancy free. Wrongs and rights given through stories told on screens more vivid than any Bible School summer day spent sweating puberty.

One day I will wake and take my life. Make my life with high obligation and high moral standing. Become immortal. While sitting in my screened in Florida room with my 50 inch flat panel monitor heaven, surround sound. While looking at my grandaughter’s Kodak gallery. Give me back to the heavens. Lift me up to eternity.