For the Greyhounds

cuts in education
cuts in healthcare
teachers need nothing
so let’s be fair.

let’s cut more jobs.
let’s take away trains.
let’s take away planes.
let’s cut the arts.

let’s cut all that makes us think and be smart.
let’s cut anything that helps us use our hearts.
let’s cut the cutters who create the cuts.
let’s cut all those high paying jobs for the poor.

after all that is what the middle class is for.
let’s cut the green jobs for our future.
dismantle the unions who hold our bleeding sutures.
let’s cut all of this and then cut some more.

for China will soon pass us their offering plate.
these cuts are far too late to the starting gate.
greyhounds can’t catch the rabbit who is long gone.
as the Terracotta Army waits patiently for its pawn.