these pearly whites

Dumb as a shock jock. Please… look at these pearly
whites. Jeez…. As I protect the ball and drive it to
the hole y’all.

America wanted a Mr. Smarty Pants. Looks like I’m
not one of these. I’m just a gal from Alaska set for the task of
huntin and fishin. I didn’t make it to Washington and
the media kept on pokin and pokin and pokin. Letterman even made
a joke and.

Lord please forgive me, I’m making a full court press cause I’m blessed.
Lord forgive me, for I did not know, Trig is a course I never took. I was just good at basketball.
Now Trig’s my ball and I’m taken him to the hole y’all.
And teachin him these American family values. Where we shoot
wolves from helicopters and don’t believe in velociraptors.

See ya later. You can have it. Game over. I’m a-fightin for American values in the opposite direction.
Maybe go on a book tour. Buy some more clothes for sure.
Someone has to make me sound smart. Seems my vocabulary was too short.
As Mr. Smarty Pants flies to the same Russia I can see out my backyard.
As today he single-handedly deletes 1500 nukes.
and gets permission to fly in Russian air space. And what about Alaska, Obama?

I decided I’m serving my country best by quitting. My family said Hell yeah!
As we all know Palins quit best. Elect me for 2012 and watch me just bail. Just remember
I’ll do it so swell. Golly jeez. With these pearly whites smiling right at ya… please.
I’ll be learn-ed and speakin the American truth and standing up for the American pregnant youth.

Maybe Fox News will give me a show y’all. O’rielly and Hannity say
I can make a come back in 2012. Say I’m smarter than Obama I’m so swell.
Sayin I’m smarter than your momma. Or even your momma’s pajamas.
Cause Obama is a fascist and he’ll take your house and your job and smile at ya.
All the way to the liberal full court press. Where he jokes and pokes fun at himself.
As they love him like they are all Hare Krishnas. And me…not so much.



Vigicant eat academic black out.  Who sneak
in and delete data without a shout out.  Costing
me money and heartache… hiding behind their
state degrees.  Itching their seemingly educated flees.
Sick with their lack of values in a world filled with value plastics.

I need to play the game. Keep my mouth shut and refrain.
I need to win friends and influences to climb the ladder and its many shades of gray.
I’ll walk over anyone to get there one day.
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Globatron's Global Speech

Globatron addresses the global community about the future of Globatron. Thousands gathered at Globatron stadium to listen and cheered as the message was delivered.  According to the media the speech has become a rallying cry for global electrons passionate about peace and world unity.

The future is now. The future is you. The future is Globatron.

The World in the Mirror

It spins and spins. Michael Jackson
died and the whole world cries. America pays
attention to a man they threw off
a pedestal years ago after allegations
never proven. After all he was different
with his oddities and his pearlescence.

Monkeys and dangling masked children
made him the public enemy. Countless facial
surgeries that made him more stealth like than human.
More vector than bitmap.
More math than flesh.

As the news cycle spins. Iran continues to burn.
Another country forcing upon its people a tragic tyranny.
A civil rights blight, that is smiting down all of those
who stand up for their rights. Gathering in mass puts you in a
different class. That can be stolen away at night with absolutely no rights.

70 professors stolen and imprisoned. But it’s out of our vision.
As the world mourns for a man that they distanced.
As we watched him morph and change before our eyes we cold not see
he was a reflection of our sickness. A culture gone mad
along with the man in the mirror. And no message could be any clearer.

We now dance and sing in clubs and pubs to the memory of MJ.
What can we do for the people of Iran anyway?

As another 24 hour news cycle begins.
I’m starting with the world in the mirror.
I’m asking us to change our ways.
Take a good look at ourselves.
Change the channel and make that change.

As seen on CNN

Gay marriage. Abortion. Iran. North Korea.
Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter.
Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. Facebook.
War. Terror. And the bombs bursting in air.

We are so distracted by the simple things. Simple wings
and a beer. Watch the game, have no fear. I want to live forever.
The singularity is near. But “The End Days” are nearer. Live Long and
Prosper. As Jon and Kate got hate.

As internet stalkers email and comment and attack characters
that don’t even exist. Fakebook permits. A fake universe where people
make up fake profiles to spew hatred and sling mud because they
are empty under the hood. Because they got no goods.

Tweet this. There’s a revolution going on. And it’s not right here
in America. It’s everywhere. Obama is a fever that has caught
like no bird flu ever knew. By staying calm and collected the man got elected.
And now he’s sticking to his guns. We are no axis of evil. We are just plain people.

As doors are getting kicked in. As journalists are getting boxed in. The revolution
is being tweeted and no coverage could ever be more free and immediate and NOW.
NOW, Journalism is a course being taught in schools which can never beat
a bloody text message from the street.
That, can never be tested. That, can never be bested.

As more teeth are getting kicked in, we ask, “Who is going to win?”

As seen on CNN. As seen on Twitter. As seen on Facebook. As seen on iReport.
As I change the channel. Jon and Kate separate.

I'm sorry for my apathy

As I try and build upon these inequities that
have followed me. Swallowed me. There is a building
amount of evidence against the system. That builds them.
Them haters and inflamers.

Chemicals are dimming my will power but I will not cower.
Social issues cloud our foreign policy as our country builds
upon its legacy. Of freedom. Freedom to muck around in
other country’s foreign policy. Freedom to help overthrow
this leader or that leader in order to support our leader.

The secret veil of power is being revealed. It writes poems and rhymes
nonsense so we won’t know what to believe in anymore. Conceive
in anymore. I still believe in America the free. The model of it. On
paper. As a blueprint to follow. We have many a historical
mistake we should apologize for. Be sorry for.

The sign of a great leader is the ability to admit when
he or she was wrong. When we were wrong. We could have done things
better. Been more clever. As domestically our two sides clash over
social issues that are non-issues on the international stage.
That just keep us fighting and smiting each other so we don’t think anymore.
Don’t think about how bombing a baby milk factory in Iraq affects us all domestically.
How it’s all tied together systematically.

I’m sorry my country killed a million of your civilians Iraq.
I’m sorry we went into a war that did not need to be fought.
I’m sorry we helped put Saddam Husein into power in the first place.
I’m sorry we took our eyes off the prize in Afghanistan.
I’m sorry we have not brought Osama bin Laden to justice.
I’m sorry our past foreign policy has grown terrorist cells that continue to cast their voodoo spells.
I’m sorry for our cowboy ways and cowboy days of not admitting when we were wrong.

But most of all, I’m sorry for my apathy.

Fifty Cent Praises

Promises. Promises.

Truth be known. Truth not being told. All around.
Lies and spies and Jericho ties. Life is a game.
You play poker to win it. To be in it. Your sickness
is your addiction. Your attrition.

I have to take care of my own. Zone out on clicking
tasks that mask the virtue of a life lived taking care
of my family and taking care of my vast past
that isn’t over.

The last laugh laughs last, past cubicle rows that sow
the integrity of speaking the truth. Of not holding
a grudge. Of letting go of fifty cent raises that
glazes the praises of one man rubbing the other the wrong

I deserve my fifty cent raise. Fifty cent ways.
Slaves that click the time, tick off annuities not multiplying.
Sliding down the pockets of larger charges. Larger Mustangs.
Larger stains. Debts to be paid.

Put your poker face on pal. Roll the dice. Are you telling
the truth? And if not, how can you live with yourself?
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Realizations along the way

I had the pleasure to present my artwork, life story, and these 20 realizations to Mark Creegan’s Design 1 class on March 10th. I spoke close to an hour and it definitely was the most cathartic experience I’ve ever had. I’m not sure if many in the class got anything out of it, but I know I did. Below are the 20 realizations that I presented for the class. Hopefully some of you can get something from them. Thanks Mark for giving me the opportunity to present my work and what I’ve learned along the way.

A list of realizations I’ve come to find as personal truths.
Follow them at your own discretion.

1. It is okay for artists to have day jobs.

2. Try and make your day job align with what you’d like to really be doing as closely as possible.

3. If you can’t do that, look at how your day job can feed your art or design creatively.

4. Try and see how digital art and physical art can be connected as many ways as possible.

5. Your design should feed your art.  Your art should feed your design.

6. Try not to have any gaps on your resume – if your job isn’t involved in what you want to do for a living, freelance when not working.  Keep Dunkin Donuts off your resume. Hint….Volunteer work or internships can go on your resume.

7. Don’t get bent out of shape trying to label yourself as a Designer, Painter, Sculptor, Writer, Musician, etc. because it’s all related.

8. Learn how to learn. Become an expert at what you are passionate about.

9. If you don’t know how to become an expert ask questions.  You can interview anyone you respect in order to find out more information.

10. Don’t wait for the powers that be to find your talent, become the powers that be.  Curate a show.  Start an art & design blog.  Start a band.  Build your network by interviewing people you respect.

11. Learn software as need be.  Don’t focus on trying to know everything at once.  The trick is knowing where to find the answers, when you need to find them.

12. Remember that design or art projects are only as strong as the concept, regardless of their implementation.

13. Draw!!!!!  Write!!!!!

14. When you don’t feel like drawing, write, and vice versa.  Both of them feed creativity.

15. Keep a sketchbook on you at all times.  You just never know when an idea will pop in your head.

16. Don’t be against working jobs that have nothing to do with art or design because they will feed you creatively if you allow them to and can give you something to draw from for inspiration in the future.

17. If you find yourself working on a construction site don’t tell anyone that you work with you have an art degree.

18. If you find yourself enlisted in the military don’t tell anyone you are serving with that you have an art degree.

19. Get over the stigma that you need a sloppy old studio to sling paint in or a huge loft to house your super computers.  Your studio is your brain.  You can take it anywhere and it is rent free.

20. Realize that committing to art and design is a life-long journey.  Don’t be upset if you haven’t “Made It”  five, ten, twenty years after graduation.  Actually, expect to never “Make It”.  Keep it for yourself and remember number 2.  (Try and make your day job align with what you’d like to really be doing as closely as possible.)

Do you mind?

Wars a cooking off in some distant land. Out of site.  Out of mind.  Do you mind? As oil prices have dropped.  And SUV sells have increased at least. CEOs are robbing our banks again.  Robbing our refrigerators as well, as the American worker is receiving their last paycheck with a good pat on the back and an at a boy. Nice to know ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.  But we can’t help it.  The numbers aren’t crunching as we keep on munching our soap opera, American Idol dreams.

The drug war is a whore, that has slam butted up to our borders. With hundreds of cadavers being found in the ditch, it’s just a glitch in the system that was missed. Supply and demand. Supply and demand. The cartels need guns to run their game.  Illegally smuggled guns from the U.S. get turned into any illegal drug you can imagine.  Imagine! American steel traded for highs and countless lows.

A new President who inherited a mess attempts to step up and revolutionize the game by making concerted efforts to reach out in town hall meetings, meetings with the governors, and emails directly to your Inbox. Are you reading them? Gets slammed by the opposing party for being the worst president ever because their portfolios are disappearing.  As the average American is wondering who had any money in the first place?  Do you?  I don’t.

The GOP is hell bent on tearing this country apart at the seems.  When we need unity we get petty party lines being split over fortunes disappearing due to choices made on their watch. The talking heads are making careers at finger pointing and smearing mud all over our faces. If any lesson could be learned from this travesty of justice, this much can.  None of it means a thing. All the toys, cars and objects that surround you are nothing. They don’t exist.  They never did. The American dream has been a mirage of smoke and mirrors.  Make it to lose it.  Climb the ladder just to have it yanked out from under you.  Keep your beacon score clean just to have medical bills stack up and take it all away.

Americans will learn the hard way, if it takes us standing in soup lines to do so.  The only thing we have are each other.  The friends and family around us are the only ones that matter.  Get your mind ready to grab your children, head out your front door, and never turn back.  We need to throw it all away to get it all back.  And by “ALL” I mean our humanity.  The core values that our civilization was founded on. Fairness.  Honor.  A man’s handshake meaning something. Anything. An oath, a promise meaning something. And integrity versus hypocrisy.