Web Standards

As I looked around online yesterday.
Looking to pick up some tricks to work on my portfolio to sway
A future employer my direction and see things my way.
I realized again that everyone is using the same design effects.
Glossy buttons and mirror shine as web 2.0 reflects
The lack of concept over design which many will choose.

Many do mock ups to fill in the gaps where their clients
didn’t allow them to become creative giants.
Where they had to fit themselves inside a box.
Not able to take out the design tricks they could have used like a fox.

As I surfed the web for close to two hours
I realized that it seems everyone is using the same design flour.
Web design has become a fashion of sorts.
Many preach usability and human experience design reports
That designers are not human and have become detached.

The human algorithm has designed these new user interfaces.
And they all have the same look and feel and face.
Do I want to copy other designs and fit in place?
Or do I want to work with ideas and concepts instead.
How does one go from designer to thinker and still earn their bread?

Because I don’t want to copy what is fashionable and be like the rest.
Because I want to dream of new ways to use the same tool chest.
So go ahead and trick out your UIs and make them all sticky.
Make it look like an iPhone if you want because that’s not too tricky.

I don’t want to be one of you and you have won the contest.
Keep on making things shine and reflect as that is what you know best.
I want to use my time to concept and think our way out of fashion.
I want to use my time to tell stories without losing our passion.