Office Chat

I dress up now for work. Tuck my shirt in. Whistle Dixie. Shave my face. Coffee buzzed. I toe the line. Everyone morning. I toe the line, but a different line. Cubicles are not the same. But it’s the same game.

Name blame. She said he said. What? That ain’t right. Why’d that happen? Who’s she? What did he do before? Did he retire from the military? Did you know that he swims two miles a day every morning?

I have a history degree. Then I worked for Bellsouth installing DSL for two years. Then I was a computer tech. I graduated in 1985. I’ve been here for 12 years. So and so is thinking about retiring.

Everyone loved him. He was so easy to get along with. I’m glad he’s making more money now. You have to pay for the coffee mess. Did you get your parking decal yet? You know my son-in-law is a pilot in the Marine Corp. I’ve worked here for thirty five years.

I eat popcorn sometimes for lunch. It’s not high on the weight watcher’s list. It’s low in fat. I have border line high blood pressure. I’m off this weekend. See you guys on Monday.