Heil Hitler!

If President Obama was Hitler.
Hitler would believe in diplomacy over war.
He would believe that no man deserves to be tortured.
He would not vote for an unjust war, and he would deplore
those who supported it for their own personal gain.
He would not let America forget the debt that was paid in
money and blood for any war, no matter what it was for.

He would feel it his obligation to see to it that our country
not go into another depression. He would hate having to
bail out failed companies and banks, but would rather do
that than see soup lines on every corner or even more.
He would be proud of our country when these choices
brought our country out of a recession that could have
been the greatest of depressions.

He would support our country’s decision to have open
talks with Iran. He would be fighting for peace in the
Middle East, for without peace there, there is no peace here
or anywhere. He would applaud efforts of nuclear disarmament
as a goal for all of humanity and for everyone’s sanity.

He would see his enemies spiting him and he would turn the other
cheek. Not because he is the Messiah but because that is what the
prophets and great philosophers have taught us to think.
He would let his enemies’ freedom of speech be a weapon with which to teach.
He would be open to an intellectual debate on all issues, if one could be found.
He would always have an open door and open ear to anyone who felt
they had ideas that could bring peace and prosperity all around.
He would make history not a mystery, but his mistress and he would love
her forever. White House or townhouse.

He would accept a dog that was given to him by Ted Kennedy and he
would cry with all who cried when Ted died. He would make universal healthcare for
all his priority. He would understand that people are not numbers.
He would understand that people are working hard already. That people
still can’t make it. That the cards are not stacked in their favor.
That if you get sick, you better die quick. That … is not a lie.
Just you get sick and try.

He would understand that a government’s role is much larger than fighting wars.

He would make education of our children a priority.
He would make clean air and water a priority.
He would make clean energy a priority.
He would make climate change a priority.
He would make global peace a priority.
He would make civil rights a priority.
He would make the American people a priority.

If this is the Hitler President Obama would be.
I would throw up my arm up and salute him … and you and me.