The Binary Path

I claim no inheritance.
Not a penny for this binary existence.
And yes I must admit my fear
But I think of our path and don’t want to veer.

Because I want to embrace the change.
I see the possible turns we might take.
Some might think that for arguments sake
we prepare for the worst and learn to shoot down range.

I’d rather not think of the possible calamity.
I don’t want to think of the Human 2.0 insanity.
I want to think of how our creations could save us
From the disease and ego that have grown our distrust

Of community and the ones who are online.
Of our best friends and wives who aren’t always on time.
Maybe it’s because I grew up helping make the web.
I didn’t invent it but I was like a bricklayer instead.

Who laid down pixels instead of mortar.
Who created keyframes while making order
Out of any old idea that pops in my head.
Or the ideas of others who relegated and lead.

I’ve been in the muck and the mud.
Around startups and garages to million dollar studs.
I see my small part of this as being part of evolution.
As being part of the digital revolution.

Yes my physical friendships have become far and few.
But the comments and emails I write are the glue
Of my soul and my genuine human personality.
Online or in person it is just a different modularity.

To those who are fearing the changes to come.
I want to give you assurance that these thoughts are all mine.
We might already be part of the singularity
But I still try and communicate with much clarity.

So please fear not the changes soon to come.
Your village is here and online is your new home.
Embrace the change and you will find the meek.
You are not alone in the community you seek.

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