The Glue that Binds

I don’t want to be scared.
Scared of not having health care.
Scared of losing my income.
Scared of not having friends to come

To my funeral when I pass.
Not to come to remember the past.
When I was full of life and did silly acts
Things I no longer remember as facts.

That have forced my brain to release
Memories I needed to restore my peace.
I’m scared of my family and friends dying.
Not because of death but because of the crying.

Scared of the pain that passing inflicts on the living.
No matter your faith a loved one’s death is pure grieving.
It makes you question yourself and where you are.
About their souls and if they have gone too far.

Or if they are right there with you in your dreams.
Holding your hand and comforting your self esteem.
Those dreams can be visual and full of smells.
As if they are touching you before they fell.

Your life extends before your eyes
And what is to come after you reveal the lies.
Death is just a dress rehearsal for the big dance
Where we are our life’s actions last stance.

And if that is the case why are we so fearful of the pace
That life has quickened before our face.
Why do we cling to the things we will never really own.
Putting so much energy into the things we moan.

Cherishing our freedom and the things we are going to lose.
If only we followed our path that is laid out before us like a muse.
We can all make a list of things we want to do
But who can do them with the debt we must fuse.

We have a culture that fights us tooth and nail.
Programs us to believe we are just an empty shell.
When in truth it is our guts that are the glue.
The glue that ties us together if not just a small few.

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