The Greatest Show on Earth

Life is like a circus.
As it jerks us back and forth.
As gravity is defied in thin air.
Tigers trained not to bite you there.
Treats are given to keep them tame.

Watching magic tricks will keep you lame.
As the performers keep going for the next event.
As the ringmaster announces the big news.
This is The Greatest Show on Earth to muse.

Men on stilts jumping on trampolines.
Elephants line up and dance on balance beams.
Shape shifters bend in half in superb time.
The best talent is always painted and sublime.

Miss a beat and it could all drop like a dime.
Huge flashing projections of planets and gold.
More and more for your mind to grasp and mold.
The tickets are sold for much cheaper online.

You can wait at the box office or skip ahead.
As you see the toys of plastic and lead.
Now the cotton candy comes with a collectable rag.
Everything comes prepackaged in a plastic bag.

If you go to the bathroom your seat will be taken.
Ask nicely for it back or your teeth could be broken.
Keep a good eye on your child in the crowd.
They have a tendency of running free and wild.

Trapeze artists miss their target and fall like rocks.
The world’s strongest man is a juggling jock.
And the lights go back on for intermission.
Seems breaks are there for a good reason.

Collect your thoughts and enjoy the season.
A time to relax and think of life’s mission.
Run off the extra energy before the next session.
Think long and hard and find the next lesson.

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