The Land of the Free

So you want to talk about revolution.

A possible solution.
Wherever you are.
Twitter, Facebook, in cafes and bars.
Wearing a mask as you close down sites.
Amassing together as you start global fights.
The dirty laundry of politicians have now been shown.
They are human and smell badly just like your own.
They stay too long when not welcome.
They make promises and never keep them.
They want cheap goods just like you and me.
They’d prefer everything to just be free.
If you shop at Wal-Mart you can’t point a finger.
Because you support their policies and slave labor.

So you want to talk about the constitution

With your pocket-sized edition.
You speak about liberty and justice for all.
As you so easily support assignation calls.
Because America is the leading democracy.
No punk with a web site can show our unjust policies.
You shut down a website but just make it grow.
Whatever happened to freedom of information so
Other countries can look to us as an example.
As the concept of turning the other cheek is trampled.
One country under God we so often say.
If God is over us he has gone astray.
For he did not want to hear or see
What has become of the land of the free.

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