Fire in his underpants or in his shoes
The thunder will strike when it is time for you.
No matter how much you strip or what you wear.
When your time is up, you will bare

Witness to these pivotal times.
When we kill each other over the drop of a dime.
When our enemy is not a people but an ideology.
Something taught and grown to destroy democracy.

Much finger pointing is going on about Islam.
Is it a religion that preaches others to kill and harm?
Or is it a religion of peace and love?
Should Muslims be profiled by cameras from above?

Recently I heard folks asking where are all the Christians?
Maybe the Fundamentalist Baptists should go and fix them.
Then maybe we could can turn this thing into a real holy war.
Maybe we should show them what we are really fighting for!

The America that Glenn Beck grew up in is far gone.
As he cries like a baby but for not very long.
Tears of an actor to fear monger the camera.
Stirring up the scared and paranoid for money and glamor.

It would seem the far right would like a third war.
As their pundits continue to bash anything the President is for.
They want back their wild cowboy days.
Where George Bush’s truck got stuck in a ditch sideways.

Where a war was started under false pretenses.
Where hundreds of thousands died for pure nonsense.
Where all the money was given to Cheney’s men
To rebuild the country he destroyed again.

The memory of Americans is that of a gnat.
They’d rather watch reality shows and grow stagnant.
Who cares about health care or the wars being fought
As long the online orders come on time that we bought.

As long as the game is on and the beer is flowing
The apathy of Americans will continue growing.
As long as politicians are paid for their votes
There will be no change and there will be no hope.

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