Without A Sound

The grid went down without a sound.

Everyone knew it was coming.
The cyberwar had been churning
as Americans continued to shop.

Stuffing their stockings.
Making their lists and checking them twice.
Trying to act as if they were naughty or nice.

When Amazon went down, it was well known.
No more online shopping could be done.
This is when men took up their guns.

A virus snuck in through chimneys.
Slicing the internet cable with glee.
As we sang Christmas carols on key.

This virus then infected the citizenry
Electricity was cut, no lights on the Christmas tree.
No heat inside homes, people did freeze.

Man had no idea how to create fire alone.
No more Google to hunt and gather from.
No more gas in cars to travel.

No more food in pantries, we groveled.
A chapter ended and a new one began
All with the stroke of a key.

Some code written for you and me.
Civilization given a hard reboot.
The human operation system upgraded.

Many thought it was anarchy.
Many thought it was liberty.
A chance to live unconnected and free.

It was savage and millions died.
But many lived and grew stronger as we tried
To do things better this time around.

Rewriting history without a sound.

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