No study is perfect.
It casts a net on what it must.
Its narrow vision is part of its crutch.
To show what it wants.

Illuminate what it chooses to.
More research is always needed.
Pointed out because it is deserved.
The net is too shallow to serve.

I think of Twitter as a device.
How it is used can not be measured
For what you focus on is but a slice.
PR versus journalists at war.

Who will get the recognition for
A story they did not create.
Picking pieces from a carcass.
Vultures earning their purpose.

I see them all intertwined.
One needs the other to survive.
Facebook a tool gone awry.
To be replaced by another soon I subscribe.

The written word a tool we will always need.
People putting letters in front of another
To make sense of the digital world we feed.
With the Tweets and Wall updates we seed.

Trying to connect it together
We will need more research one way or another.
At the end of each paper we all struggle.
Our nature is bias.

Our sources are biased.
We are always looking through a lens we create.
We are always searching for truths we mediate.
To gather a scrap of flesh to live.

To mount a head on a wall for a trophy.
To archive the tweets and articles that makes us feel alive.
That validate that we existed.
That we made a difference if only for an instance.