I report. Media collides. All voices compete to be heard. From the lips of few to the ears of many. Top down or bottom up. Now all words spoken can be searched. Corporate or public. Citizens or professionals. Hyperlocal or through the wire. Houses will always be on fire. But where. Big media now needs all eyes and ears. Zero in and you might have a place. Maybe featured with your avatar face. Using your smart phone while in the battle zone. Tweet in real-time headlines that might be used by the Times.

The specifics of content are changing. Citizen journalists cover more. See more. The crowd will always know more. Professionals do fact checking many say. But who can we believe today as we watch the talking heads and pay. I can google that quote and know right now. See where those stats came from and where they were found. Citizens are part of the growing knowledge pool. Big media has begun to assimilate all voices like droplets into the flow. Like the water cycle our news is in states. All knowledge pulled from the oceans and streams. The cloud condenses all data and spits it out through the stratosphere. Where those droplets fall many fear.

Let us now hope when any government decides to slaughter. That their are citizen journalists willing to carry the cross and pain of stigmata. Fear of taking the photo or writing the story that could lead to justice. Let us now hope that when these photos arrive. That corporate owned media doesn’t decide to hide the truth that could save thousands of lives. That their agenda is not set by the same lobbyists who buy votes and decide what story is alive. Frustrated. Weary. But hopeful.