Mission Remission

Mission Remission:
one day.
two days.
a thousand.
a billion.
black holes.
all we have is now.
now. now. now.
so tired of hearing it.
i want to plan for next year.
make a five year plan.
“you could get hit by a bus.
you could be driving the bus
that hits another you, thinking
of how much time you have left.
you could be a brain tumor,
an IED, another disease.
you could be the explosive
that feeds new atrocities.
another bomb.
another home.
another town.
another city.
another family.
you could be lucky.
to get out of here alive.
to make it out of here dead, intact.
all pieces attached.
a minute.
a moment.
that’s all we all have.”
the doctor tried to say.
with the bedside manner of a drill sergeant.
you are in remission.
find a mission, be thankful and rejoice.

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