The Mask

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A poetry chapbook written in 2012 while receiving brain radiation and chemotherapy for a brain tumor. The reason for writing this collection was to document the treatment process for my friends and family and to keep focused on the details of treatment so that I could offer support to those who might travel a similar path.

Legacy goes by quick
21 poems time stamped and licked
Ready for print and now to ship
Written while on radiation
Thickened through perspiration
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The Prophet Motive

Published in issue 02 of FONDLE magazine.
From the original post of The Prophet Motive.

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We seek to satisfy society’s craving for instant gratification and pleasure, whilst simultaneously nourishing desperate intellectual and philosophical needs. FONDLE Magazine is art in its most true sense, and our ultimate goal is to bring a small piece of beauty into the world.

Yale’s SAGE Magazine Feature

Featured on Yale’s web site from a past issue from print. View post

SAGE Magazine is a nonprofit student-run publication based at Yale University’s School of Forestry & Environmental Science in New Haven, Connecticut. SAGE’s mission is to expand notions of environmentalism and mainstream communication about pressing and informative environmental issues.

From Sage Magazine; Volume II, Issue III below:

Globatron University – Apprenticeship Program


Great news from UK writer Christine Killen who is the first student to pursue her Apprenticeship Certificate from Gobatron University.  Full text below.

I’m just about to complete an Apprenticeship with Globatron University which I recommend highly. As described on the site, Globatron is:

a free course of academic study meant to address a growing global need for a consciousness-based education, one focused on the long history of human striving for justice and truth and the beauty that expresses its presence. The works chosen will not make you a better worker. They are chosen to make you a better human being, one more in touch with the divine calling of existence; they are chosen, just as you are, to face existence in a more direct way and as a result be a beacon of hope to those in your community.

The brainchild of the American artists Byron King and Ken Vallario, the Apprenticeship programme is one of the most educational and entertaining syllabi I’ve ever had the pleasure to follow. Following the Apprenticeship programme took little time for me as I was already familiar with some of the great texts, videos, podcasts and works of art, most of which are provided on the site and save the student the effort of having to track down free versions. The wealth of non-text materials also allows for people who struggle with reading English to participate and appreciate these great ideas, thinkers and artists. Continue reading

Polar Brokers in Yale’s SAGE Magazine

It was an honor to have three Polar Brokers drawings published as cover art for SAGE Magazine which is published by the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. Below is the entire publication starting out with the my work on the back cover.

Across the Pond

I began working on a team to develop a cross continental poetry club that will collaborate with two universities. The project has a lot of potential. This is the first flier of which I designed and wrote the poetry. Dr. Edmund Skellings, poet laureate of Florida, is the rock that binds this project together.  I wish them much luck. chooses The Red Pill

My poem “Red Pill or Blue Pill” is currently (5-21-10) featured on the home page of
Adbusters has been my favorite magazine for nearly my entire adult life.  Often it’s hard to read.
Often it’s hard to look at.  It is more often than not a mirror of Western civilization and closely
reflects the zeitgeist.

It is always thought provoking.

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Trophy Soldiers and Polar Brokers Find a Home in Utrecht, Netherlands

Photos of images from the Polar Brokers and Trophy Soldiers collection installed in graphic designer Roel Dalhuisen’s home.  Roel lives and works in Utrecht, Netherlands and has been a big supporter of my artwork the last couple of years.  Wish I could get a plane ticket one day and visit as it seems like a nice place to drink a cup of tea.  I’d especially enjoy seeing what books are in his book collection and discussing his graphic design and background further.  Although currently I’m more focused on my writing, I truly enjoy seeing where my artwork finds a home.  It’s redeeming to me to know my work is being appreciated in a city as full of culture as Utrecht.