No Doubt


to see them moving back and forth. the bodies. the clothes. the culture. the differences and likeness. in motion. coming from the suburbs to the world’s city to the country’s capitol. seeing is believing. we are more alike than different. we are more one than many. we are all the words written in stone. all the figures captured in bronze. all the monuments to war. all the buildings built to reach the sky. all the bridges passing by.

we went to one world view. looked down into the two square graves with their infinite pools of tears. from above we could see far and wide. into the five boroughs. lady liberty. ellis island. go to ellis island and learn your history, America. learn how we are a country of immigrants. how we all endured hardship together. waiting. worrying. sending for our families to come from abroad. finding hope. here. fighting together for our future.

we walked the capitol mall. looked at all its memorials to our leaders. saw the archives. saw the papers inked to set our country free, as they disappear behind bulletproof glass. the signatures of our forefathers inked. we read quotes of Lincoln, MLK, Jefferson and FDR. the words of progress. their collective call to go forward. to learn from the past. to let equality be universal.

if we could all come to terms with the past. the civil war some still immortalize. the war was about slavery. segregation was about slavery. marriage equality is about slavery. women’s inequality is about slavery. is about power over another. to subjugate. to keep the other down. to keep the past alive, we need ignorance. we need stagnancy. we need to keep the traitor’s flag flying high.

to continue into the future. we need to read the walls. we need to look forward and not fall. to not repeat the past, our forefathers created records in stone. created Washington D.C. so you can travel and understand the death of our ignorance. our fight for independence. to see for yourself. so there would be no doubt.


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