The Mask


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A poetry chapbook written in 2012 while receiving brain radiation and chemotherapy for a brain tumor. The reason for writing this collection was to document the treatment process for my friends and family and to keep focused on the details of treatment so that I could offer support to those who might travel a similar path.

Legacy goes by quick
21 poems time stamped and licked
Ready for print and now to ship
Written while on radiation
Thickened through perspiration

The Mask is a tale of few words
Forced together and mostly blurred
Being humbled by oneself while waiting
Where is that doctor or nurse
I’ve been here far too long
While singing this same old song

Are we going to be on time to make
The scheduled time and date
Hurry up and wait
Hurry up and wait
It’s your time now let’s take
Your brain and change it some

Cut out a little here
Irradiate half of it there
Poison body and mind
Bending space and time
Hurry up and wait
Hurry up and wait
As we await uncertain fate