To Train

envision a community.
a small group of fathers
who meet to train and share
how to protect
themselves and families.
with fist and foot.
with body and brain.

to perfect what genes
They were given
to train.

for endurance and strength.
to learn to train the next generation.

box and grapple and block.
strike and kick and knee
and elbow any padded boundary
any heavy bag
or padded glove.

pull and push
to the top of any wall or mountain
using gravity to sculpt
muscles lost and atrophied
by years of computer chair prodigy.

for we are the first generation
to play video games.
help grow the internet.
design the magic screens
consume the digital dreams
of endless streams of data
our bodies somehow forgotten.

awake, to use our whole bodies
for what they were meant to be.
to serve and to protect.
our friends and families.

wake up today with me.
no matter how early.
no matter how late.
to come together.

Elbow to the head.

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